Let’s get real: fashion is crazy right now. We’re seeing new silhouettes, bright colors all year-round, more pattern mixing, and over-accessorizing. Fashion on the runways, in magazines, your Instagram feed, even, has shown that rarely is anything you could put on going to be too much. If the MET gala has anything to say about trends this year, it’s all about being extra. I mean, the theme was “Camp!”

MET Gala 2019 (Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, Hamish Bowles)

Fendi, Valentino, Viktor & Rolf

Some of the best voted looks by the so-called fashion experts are those that are so different from what we know as “everyday wear” that it seems as though there is no way any real person could walk down the street and pull it off. Yes, fashion is more than just some outfits; it can make a statement or hold significant meaning. But no one is going to need to wear a dress that came onto the runway as an inflated balloon with legs (yes, that actually happened).

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This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however. Technically, you’ve never been expected wear what you see item-for-item, and that still stands true, especially now. What is different is that there’s just more to draw from for outfit planning. Fashion, as it is now, is just a greater opportunity to find little pieces of inspiration in apparent chaos. To go out of your comfort zone and try a new look. Instead of wearing an evening gown draped with a rainbow of ruffles, you could wear a monochrome colored top with ruffled sleeves or a top with contrasting colored pants.

Moschino, Givenchy, Jeremy Scott

The haute couture fashion runway shows are wrapping up in Paris and if there’s anything to take away from those looks, it’s that over-the-top fashion is showing no hints of slowing down. Perhaps that’s part of the point of fashion at the minute though. More than paying thousands of dollars for an outfit that looks like you just closed your eyes and picked out pieces from your closet (or better yet, other people’s closets), maybe the idea is to see crazy looks that you feel like you could never wear, then feel proud to explore, discover, and wear outfits that are entirely you, no matter what the results look like.

@jessicaclements, @gittabanko, @girlwithcurves

So, go forth in the fashion world and be extra, do the most, or whatever your favorite dramatic millennial phrase is. Wear clothing with confidence, unafraid to stand out or try new things, and definitely without worrying about being unfashionable for looking crazy. 🙂

Featured image: @marni